What is Rattan outdoor furniture

If you are purchasing rattan outdoor furniture for the first time you might have quite a bit of questions. For instance, you may wonder what rattan material is in the first place.

This is a class of wood material that is harvested from palm trees set in distinct parts of Africa, Asia, and Australasia. Quite a large percentage of this material used for the production of some of the finest wicker comes from Indonesia.

When on the quest for the finest picks of rattan outdoor furniture you have quite a bit to take into consideration. For example, you should make it a priority to the grade of materials used in the production of this type of furniture is of the strongest available.


Common items that are a great deal of the time sold in a set include the following items: sofas, footstools, dining tables, and arm chairs. Certain sets are made for outdoor use and are more often than not treated for placement outside all year.

Various models of outdoor rattan furniture are also perfect for arrangement in a sun room or conservatory. Furthermore, virtually all models are designed with supreme comfort in mind. For instance, most models are made with soft, thick, padded cushions.

Two recommended models today include the popular cubed varieties as well as that representative of southwestern cultures (particularly U.S. Arizonian-themed models). Both of these are noted for their fine lines, futuristic shapes, and/or bold contrasting colors.


It is advised that when buying your outside furnishings while shopping at a dealer you might want to find out if a waterproof cover is provided. This will further help preserve your investment and guard it from water damage when not in use.

Even if you purchase a furniture set that also includes a protective cover, you are recommended to buy pieces that are treated. It is suggested that you make sure the items you buy are UV shielded so they can be left outside all the time.

If they are preserved in this way the surfaces will not fade, split or crack. Furthermore, if you buy any items that include glass materials make sure it is of the unbreakable grade. At least 12mm thick is recommended.

Furthermore, if convenient and fast storage is important to you, table and chair sets that fold up very small might be your best bet. However, most current models of well-made rattan outdoor furniture can be left outside year round.

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