Top Trends For Today’s Patio Furniture

Today’s trends in patio furniture have changed from 20 years ago. No longer is it just the redwood picnic table and uncomfortable benches. Those benches were so uncomfortable after short periods. It is also not about the round table with the four matching chairs and umbrellas. The umbrellas were dangerous during high winds, you would have to go out and take them down or they might become a projectile object.

Today’s patio furniture is like an extension of one’s indoor living space. People are now deciding on the warmth and comfort of their guest. The trend is to decorate the outdoor space as well as the indoor living room. In today’s market, you can buy sectional sofa with deep seats, and just regular sofas. You can also buy chairs with ottomans, which are nice for extra storage. You can also buy coffee tables and end tables just like you would for a living room. They also are buying accessories to match the fabric on the cushions of their furniture.

Today’s furniture is also made of better materials. Back in the 80’s, when you bought wicker furniture, it would be ruined from the sun and the elements. That was the problem with natural wicker. It would expand and shrink if gotten wet, and would weaken the fibers. Today’s resin wicker is more durable and can stand up to the elements for years. Wicker is not the delicate furniture that your grandmother had. There are still the normal woods like teak. Teak can withstand all elements and has a long life span.

The fabrics are also different in today’s patio furniture. No longer is it the plastic, which would get hot or crack when it got cold. There are many soft, durable fabrics to choose from and most certainly one to bring the whole look together for you.

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