Plastic Outdoor Furniture for those on a budget

Looking for ideas for outdoor garden furniture? We have several reasons why buying plastic might be your best option; then make some nice iced-tea and enjoy the outdoors, with ease, and on a budget.

•If you’re on a budget and simply want a place to sit, in comfort, plastic is great. You can get an entire set of plastic outdoor furniture for the cost of a single wooden chair!

•Plastic stacks or folds easily, saving space. You don’t even need a shed, as it’s so easy to hose down your plastic furniture.

•Save money on cushions and covers. With plastic tables and chairs it’s so easy to hose them down before use or wipe them down with a moist towel, that it’s really a waste of time and money using covers or outdoor seat cushions, which need to be cleaned anyway. An easy and elegant alternative is to store simple seat cushions indoors or in a covered area, easily taking them out when you are entertaining.

•If one of your chairs breaks, toss it in the rubbish, and buy another on your next outing, and easily find the same or similar style you currently own.
•Plastic tables and chairs are so easy to move around too. No worries about lifting heavy furniture and hurting your back, you can even slide them around.

If you want to spend more money on plastic, you can. This stylish plastic table and chairs will probably set you back more than the simple styles, but you will still be able to enjoy all the benefits of easy cleanup and portability.

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