Patio Furniture- Great New Trends

The new ideas in patio furniture make outdoor entertaining even more enjoyable. With the economy in such bad shape, more people are entertaining at home. Since more people are staying home, they are also using their outdoor living spaces more. They are also spending more money o decorating their outdoor space and making it their’s.In today’s home and garden centers, you will find a variety of outdoor living furniture in many different styles and fabrics. You could create a club atmosphere with bar stools, counter height tables, funky lighting and music. The fabrics could be as wild or as calm as you so choose.

You could also create a space that is almost an extension of your indoor living areas. You could set up an outdoor kitchen area and a den area for conversation with your guest. Some of the furniture for these types of areas includes sectional sofas, sofas and loveseats, deep-seated chairs and ottomans. To complete the look, you could choose coffee and end tables and area throw rugs. For teenagers or young adults in your life why not choose beanbag chairs and some funky colored tables for them.

You have so many different choices in the material your products are made out of. Resin wicker is different from natural wicker. Resin wicker withstands the elements better. Of course you could always choose the true classics either teak or redwood. Today the fabrics are softer, easier to clean, and resistant to fading from the sun. Have fun and make your outdoor patio space a reflection of you.

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