How to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Clean

Cleaning outdoor furniture is a chore that most would rather forget. Cleaning outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be a big pain or chore that you designate to the children or a spouse. It can become a pleasant task that you enjoy. The first thing to remember is that if you leave the furniture outside unprotected it is going to get very dirty and require heavy duty cleaning. So, never leave your outdoor furniture outside without protection. Protection might be as simple as draping a plastic cover over the furniture during bad weather. Or buying special-made covers for the furniture to keep it clean.

There are many so called outdoor furniture cleansers on the market that say they get the furniture super clean. The fact is you don’t need all those expensive cleansers to keep your outdoor furniture in tip top shape. Many find that the only cleanser they need is their favorite dish detergent and a bucket of warm water. This inexpensive cleanser is good for cleaning aluminum, plastic, or iron furniture.

Here is how to use the cleanser. Squeeze a few drops of the dish detergent into the bucket of water and mix throughly. Now take a sponge and scrub the surface back and forth a few times. Go over all the tiny nooks and crevices a few times. Once you’ve finished take a water hose and go over the furniture with cool water. Let the furniture dry naturally in the warm sunshine. Always clean the outdoor furniture on a regular basis to keep it looking good all through the summer and any time of year.

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