Outdoor Furniture Resources – casual outdoor furniture http://casualoutdoorfurniture.net tips and resources Sat, 14 Sep 2013 05:24:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8.1 Reasons to choose modern outdoor wicker furniture http://casualoutdoorfurniture.net/reasons-to-choose-modern-outdoor-wicker-furniture.html Wed, 14 Jul 2010 02:48:44 +0000 http://casualoutdoorfurniture.net/?p=20 Modern wicker outdoor furniture offers such durability and class that it is hard to pass up purchasing some. There are so many different reasons to choose wicker. Wicker is weather resistant and the durability of the wicker will withstand the sun, wind, snow and rain unlike most other plastic that begins to look worn and dull after being outside for only a few weeks. It also cleans easily by using soap and warm water.
There are also great looking patterns and designs, in fact some wicker furniture does not even look wicker at all. Wicker is now made to match any type of styles and patterns for that flexibility that everyone wants to be able to mix and match. Because wicker is so easy to mix and match and comes in so many colors you can use it both inside your home or outside
your home. You can even get wicker coffee tables that have glass center pieces in them! Wicker has so much variety and you can get anything from dog beds to chaise lounge chairs, tables, patio sets and even dining room sets for your home.
When most people think of wicker, they instantly think of white wicker but wicker is now available in other colors such as brown, almond, red, black and many others. Modern wicker furniture has that durability that everyone demands. It is crafted in such a way to last for years to come and is available in many materials.
If you are in the market to find a beautiful piece of furniture that will last for a lifetime, I highly suggest wicker.

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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture For You http://casualoutdoorfurniture.net/how-to-choose-the-right-outdoor-furniture-for-you.html http://casualoutdoorfurniture.net/how-to-choose-the-right-outdoor-furniture-for-you.html#comments Fri, 09 Jul 2010 02:47:27 +0000 http://casualoutdoorfurniture.net/?p=14 Choosing Outdoor Furniture can be a daunting task. However, it does not have to be if you keep three things in mind while choosing.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying furniture for the outdoors is comfort. You want to make sure that the size of the chairs is comfortable. Watch for chairs that do not fit with the table and arm rest that are not the correct height. Test the furniture before you buy it.

There are many different styles of outdoor furniture to choose from. Deciding how you intend to use the furniture and the space that you have can help you choose the right style for you. If you are limited on space or only have a couple of people using the furniture at a time a Bistro style table and chairs might be the right choice for you. If you have a large family, then look for the larger patio tables with many chairs. Or maybe you are looking for an outdoor living area, then choose sofas and chairs with end tables to complete your look.

Your choices are endless when it comes to materials that are used to construct outdoor furniture. When deciding what material you want, think about maintenance and care of the furniture. Teak furniture has to be oiled annually of it will turn a silver-gray. Steel and Wrought Iron furniture will require a coat of paint periodically to prevent rusting.

Choosing the right outdoor furniture does not have to be a major headache, just remember to think of comfort, style, and material.

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The different materials of Outdoor Furniture http://casualoutdoorfurniture.net/the-different-materials-of-outdoor-furniture.html Sat, 03 Jul 2010 02:46:26 +0000 http://casualoutdoorfurniture.net/?p=10 Outdoor furniture comes in many different materials. Before you decide on a material you should know that they are all priced differently. Before you decide on a material, you should also know how you want your deck or patio to look or feel as each material will cause a different outcome.

Wood is a very common outdoor material. It is available in many different colors and styles and is fairly easy to care for usually only requiring new stain once every two years. Wood is also durable for outdoor use and gives a casual feeling.

Wicker material is also seen a lot in outdoor furniture use. It gives more of a rustic, very textured style as well as a simplistic casual look. As with wood, it is also available in many different colors and styles. Wicker may be used in outdoor furniture as well as indoor furniture.

Aluminum used in outdoor furniture is a little less common. It gives a very strong contemporary look to your outdoor setting. It is very easy to clean which is nice if you have a backyard with a lot of pollen dust. Aluminum is also lightweight and sturdy making it well worth the extra money you might spend on it.

Lastly, plastic is the most commonly seen outdoor furniture. This is because it comes at a cheap cost and is sometimes available in sets for reasonable prices. Plastic is easy to keep looking new and clean and is great for those just wanting a place to relax outside.

Whichever material you choose, there is always an outdoor furniture to fit your needs.

Top Trends For Today’s Patio Furniture http://casualoutdoorfurniture.net/top-trends-for-todays-patio-furniture.html http://casualoutdoorfurniture.net/top-trends-for-todays-patio-furniture.html#comments Mon, 28 Jun 2010 02:45:36 +0000 http://casualoutdoorfurniture.net/?p=6 Today’s trends in patio furniture have changed from 20 years ago. No longer is it just the redwood picnic table and uncomfortable benches. Those benches were so uncomfortable after short periods. It is also not about the round table with the four matching chairs and umbrellas. The umbrellas were dangerous during high winds, you would have to go out and take them down or they might become a projectile object.

Today’s patio furniture is like an extension of one’s indoor living space. People are now deciding on the warmth and comfort of their guest. The trend is to decorate the outdoor space as well as the indoor living room. In today’s market, you can buy sectional sofa with deep seats, and just regular sofas. You can also buy chairs with ottomans, which are nice for extra storage. You can also buy coffee tables and end tables just like you would for a living room. They also are buying accessories to match the fabric on the cushions of their furniture.

Today’s furniture is also made of better materials. Back in the 80’s, when you bought wicker furniture, it would be ruined from the sun and the elements. That was the problem with natural wicker. It would expand and shrink if gotten wet, and would weaken the fibers. Today’s resin wicker is more durable and can stand up to the elements for years. Wicker is not the delicate furniture that your grandmother had. There are still the normal woods like teak. Teak can withstand all elements and has a long life span.

The fabrics are also different in today’s patio furniture. No longer is it the plastic, which would get hot or crack when it got cold. There are many soft, durable fabrics to choose from and most certainly one to bring the whole look together for you.

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Patio Furniture- Great New Trends http://casualoutdoorfurniture.net/patio-furniture-great-new-trends.html Mon, 14 Jun 2010 02:44:35 +0000 http://casualoutdoorfurniture.net/?p=4 The new ideas in patio furniture make outdoor entertaining even more enjoyable. With the economy in such bad shape, more people are entertaining at home. Since more people are staying home, they are also using their outdoor living spaces more. They are also spending more money o decorating their outdoor space and making it their’s.In today’s home and garden centers, you will find a variety of outdoor living furniture in many different styles and fabrics. You could create a club atmosphere with bar stools, counter height tables, funky lighting and music. The fabrics could be as wild or as calm as you so choose.

You could also create a space that is almost an extension of your indoor living areas. You could set up an outdoor kitchen area and a den area for conversation with your guest. Some of the furniture for these types of areas includes sectional sofas, sofas and loveseats, deep-seated chairs and ottomans. To complete the look, you could choose coffee and end tables and area throw rugs. For teenagers or young adults in your life why not choose beanbag chairs and some funky colored tables for them.

You have so many different choices in the material your products are made out of. Resin wicker is different from natural wicker. Resin wicker withstands the elements better. Of course you could always choose the true classics either teak or redwood. Today the fabrics are softer, easier to clean, and resistant to fading from the sun. Have fun and make your outdoor patio space a reflection of you.

Five tips when buying outdoor furniture online http://casualoutdoorfurniture.net/five-tips-when-buying-outdoor-furniture-online.html Fri, 11 Jun 2010 06:05:01 +0000 http://casualoutdoorfurniture.net/?p=33 Buying furniture online need not be a scary proposition. Armed with a few tips for a successful search, anyone can make an informed, comfortable decision when it comes to finding outdoor furniture. In most cases, local stores will not offer the same selection, pricing or quality that a quality outdoor furniture online retailer will, making an online purchase a smart decision. Here are ten things you should keep in mind when shopping for outdoor furniture online.

1. Look for the Warranty Statements

Any Outdoor furniture retailer or discounter worth considering will have a clear, well written and definitive statement of warranty OR clearly state there is no warranty on their products. It is recommended, however, that you strongly consider patronizing online sellers that will back their products with a warranty on manufacturing defects for a certain period of time. These statements should be easy for you to find, and make sense without having a law degree. Many online outdoor furniture websites will warranty the furniture they sell for a certain period of days after the furniture is received. Others worth considering highly will warranty their furniture for 5 years, 10 years, or longer.

2. Read Guarantee Policies and Return Policies

When considering an online purchase for smaller, less expensive items, these policies are still important, but not nearly as important as when you’re spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on outdoor furniture. An online furniture shop worth its weight in gold will clearly state its guarantee and return policies, and those policies will more favor the customer, and not the shop’s interests. What happens if you receive shipment and are not comfortable in your furniture or it is clearly not what you had expected? Look for a money back guarantee to help with peace of mind. Most good outdoor furniture websites will guarantee your satisfaction within the first few weeks or longer.

If you DO need to return the furniture, be sure you understand the return policies BEFORE you buy. The standard practice for online outdoor furniture companies is to require the purchaser to pay return postage and a restocking fee of anywhere from 10% to 20%. So be prepared, just in case. However, some retailers will pick-up the tab for return shipping and charge no fee. Of course, if you do your homework on a site you’re interested in (keep reading), you should be a satisfied and happy customer!

3. Take Note of Shipping Policies and Charges

Shipping outdoor furniture can be expensive. Shippers are now charging businesses by box volume and not by actual weight. Some companies will offer very low prices to snag you early on, only to surprise you with higher than expected shipping charges. Stay away from these outfits. The best online retailers will be up front with their shipping charges or even offer free shipping (while still offering good and fair pricing.)

Most outdoor furniture sellers will offer one standard shipping service through a major national carrier. Don’t fret if you find this to be the case with your chosen retailer. Most customers will receive their shipment within 10-14 business days depending on the online seller, although sooner is becoming more common. If one shipping method is offered and you need your furniture sooner, don’t hesitate to email or call the online store (they’ll have their contact information clearly posted if they’re reputable (see below)) and ask for a quote on faster delivery. Be warned, though. Expedited shipping service can be very expensive.

4. Look for Quality Pictures and Thorough, Descriptive and Grammatically Correct Descriptions.

When you read the product descriptions and look at the pictures, do you get the impression that the online business understands what they’re selling? Is it clear that the business has taken time to present it’s products in the best way possible to its potential customers? You as the customer should have a clear idea of what the outdoor furniture product is, how it looks, and how it may look in your home setting. A business that makes it difficult for you to view and understand the products may not be worth your time. This could be an indication of potential future customer service snags.

5. Read Customer Testimonials

Probably the best way to gage your potential future relationship with an outdoor furniture business, customer testimonials are your window into business practices and product quality. Look for happy customers satisfied with their outdoor furniture purchases. Even more, however, look for those testimonials that may mention a hitch or snag in the purchase process and how that customer is now satisfied with their purchase – perhaps even to the point of recommending that business to their friends and family. This kind of testimonial should carry almost more weight than a whole string of gushing customer comments.