Benefits Of Using Cedar And Teak Outdoor Furniture

When choosing outdoor furniture both Cedar and Teak come up as natural choices. Both have their benefits when it comes to outdoor furniture. First let us look at some of the benefits of Cedar as an outdoor furniture choice. Cedar is known for it’s strength and durability. It handles the elements of being outside very well season after season. This wood also is very resistant to insect attacks and general decay as well. Cedar is also lightweight as well making it ideal if you plan on moving the furniture around a lot. It is also very attractive and comes on a variety of colors to accent the decor you may want it for. Cedar furniture is a very durable and long lasting and has stood the test of time.

Most people will tell you that Teak furniture is some of the most beautiful around and that would be hard to argue against. Teak is expensive, but they always say you get what you pay for and Teak is top of the line when we talk about outdoor furniture. It is resistant to weather, insects, and very durable as well. It weathers very well which is one of it’s many benefits. After one year of being outside many people choose to stain Teak furniture. Once the stain is applied to Teak furniture, it becomes permanent so make sure that is what you want. Teak is without a doubt a very beautiful wood that has proven the test of time. No matter if you choose Teak or Cedar outdoor furniture both have their advantages.


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