About Cedar Outdoor Furniture

Having wooden outdoor furniture for use on the patio and in the yard is a fabulous addition to any home setting. Whether your home is in the country or even in the suburbs, cedar as the choice for your wooden outdoor furniture is a perfect choice for accentuating your yard. Cedar is the natural choice for outdoor furniture because it is an inexpensive material, as well as being lightweight and rot resistant.

Cedar as the natural choice for outdoor furniture comes with other fantastic benefits. One of the structural benefits of cedar is that it lies very flat and lays down extremely straight. It does not warp like other woods. And, since cedar is excellent at resisting warping, it also resists cracking. The end result is that cedar outdoor furniture lasts much longer than the other types of wood furniture.

One type of cedar, called Western Red Cedar, has the abilility to stay extremely cool to the touch on very hot days. It is not a very good conductor of heat. So, if you have the desire to sit out on cedar outdoor lawn furniture that has been sitting in the sun for a very long time in your best summertime shorts, you will not burn the underside of your legs.

Western Red Cedar is very rot resistant. It contains natural oils that help keep it from rotting due to exposure to wet weather. Since Western Red Cedar contains this great property, it is ideal in damper climates. The oils in the Western Red Cedar are very aromatic, it is pleasing to smell, but, this odor is very unattractive to pesky summertime insects.

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